2020 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First Round Predictions

It is officially NFL Combine week and all of the top draft prospects are ready to showcase their skills in Indianapolis.  With the combine already here the 2020 NFL Draft in Las Vegas is on the horizon, so let's take a look at who each team may be targeting. 

1. Cincinnati Bengals 

Cincinatti bengals

Needs: QB, EDGE, WR, OL, LB

The Pick: Joe Burrow | QB | LSU

Analysis: Obvious and boring, I know. But there's really no other option for the Bengals that makes sense.  I don't buy into the theory the Joe Burrow doesn't want to play in Cincinnati.  Unless for some reason the Bengals trade here its Burrow 1:1. 


Washington Redskins

2. Washington Redskins

Needs: EDGE, OT, WR, CB 

The Pick: Chase Young | EDGE | Ohio State  

Analysis: Again, another obvious pick here.  I don't agree with it though. Chase Young never impressed me while in college.  I feel like everybody is just assuming he is great because Joey and Nick Bosa are awesome so OSU must have good pass rushers every year.  Nope, he is overrated and not worth the #2 pick.  Maybe his combine workout will change my mind... Oh, wait what's that? he's not participating in any drills at the combine.  Thanks, I'll pass and if the R-Words had a brain, which they don't, they would trade this pick so someone else gets stuck with Young... Then change the name of the team!  

Detroit Lions

3. Detroit Lions 

Needs: LB, CB, EDGE 

The Pick: Jeff Okudah | CB | Ohio State 

Analysis: Losing Darius Slay in the offseason, the Lions have a clear need to fill in their defensive backfield.  Last year the Lions passing defense ranked last in the NFL and Okudah has the ability to step in and help from day one.  There is also an outside chance to see the Lions draft a quarterback at this spot and trade away aging veteran Matt Stafford. If the Lions feel they could get Okudah later in the draft don't be surprised if they trade out of the 3rd pick to add draft capital.  Okudah will be the best player to come out of THE morally inept institution that is Ohio State. 

New York Giants
4. New York Giants

Needs: OT, EDGE, LB, CB 

The Pick: Mekhi Becton | OT | Louisville  

Analysis: Becton started the draft process as the top-ranked offensive tackle prospect and has moved up and down boards.  The Giants need to fortify their O-Line and they are hoping that Becton is the answer.  I don't think Becton is the answer but this is a very Giants pick to me and I'm not sure why but I almost feel like this could end up in an Ereck Flowers situation.  Sorry Giants fans. 

Ereck Flowers


Miami Dolphins
5. Miami Dolphins 

Needs: QB, EDGE, OL, RB, CB

The Pick: Tua Tagovailoa | QB | Alabama

Analysis: Tua was great in college and if he was able to stay healthy he would probably be the top-ranked QB entering the draft.  That's not the case though because Tua is always hurt.  He is also a lefty and left-handed quarterbacks always look weird to me.  The Dolphins are hoping the injuries are behind Tua and that he can bring this sorry franchise back to relevance. PS: Tua's only 6 feet tall... I always thought he was taller. 

Los Angeles Chargers
6. Los Angeles Chargers

Needs: QB, OL, CB 

The Pick: Justin Herbert | QB | Oregon  

Analysis: That's right! 3 Quarterbacks in the top-6 picks.  Personally I don't see much promise at the quarterback position this year.  All of the top-3 QB prospects feel like they are boom or bust prospects.  And for Herbert, I'm leaning bust.  He is a big athletic quarterback with a strong arm, like a poor man's Josh Allen.  Unlike Tua and Burrow, I was never impressed with Herbert's gameplay, he never seemed dialed in like he could make every throw on the field.  LA's offense has weapons so it will be interesting to see what Herbert can make of the opportunity.  

Carolina Panthers

7. Carolina Panthers
Needs: LB, DT, CB, QB 

The Pick: Derrick Brown | DT | Auburn

Analysis: With Gerald McCoy likely leaving Carolina this is a great pick by the Panthers.  Derrick Brown was a beast at auburn and is one of the best players in this draft, Brown should make an immediate impact on their defense.  The real question for Carolina lies at QB and how first-year head coach Matt Rhule plans to address the position with Cam Newton's future in question. 

Arizona Cardinals

8. Arizona Cardinals

Needs: OL, DT, WR, EDGE 

The Pick: Jedrick Wills | OT | Alabama 

Analysis: This is probably who the Giants should've picked but they're the Giants, what're you gonna?!  Wills is a strong tackle coming from a Nick Saban program that knows how to win.  If I have the choice of two evenly ranked guys at the same position I will always pick the one from a winning program.  Good Pick and day-one started for the Cardinals.    


9. Jacksonville Jaguars

Needs: CB, WR, LB, S

The Pick: Isaiah Simmons | LB | Clemson

Their offense blows but for some reason they insist on drafting defensive players every year, so why would this year be any different?  Simmons is regarded as one of the best players in the draft and its hard to argue against that. Simmons is an active playmaker that will be a solid addition and immediate starter for the Jaguars.  The Jags get the best linebacker in the draft but there are still question marks all over the offense.  

10. Cleveland Browns

Needs: OL, S, LB, CB 

The Pick: Tristan Wirfs | OT | Iowa

Analysis: Classic Iowa offensive lineman.  A great big fat guy that will be in the league for 10+years. The Browns really need an offensive lineman now that Greg Robinson is heading to prison for quite some time after getting caught by border patrol with a little weed (157lbs). This would be a great pick by the Browns! 


NY Jets
11. New York Jets

Needs: EDGE, WR, OL, CB 

The Pick: Jerry Jeudy | WR | Alabama

Analysis: This pick addresses a need major need for the J-E-T-S jets jets jets.  I heard Jeudy talking yesterday in an interview and I will be honest he sounds like a dumb idiot.  He said that he ran a 4.4 40yd dash but he hopes to get it down to 4.29... Uhhh buddy that's not exactly how it works unless you were absolutely dogging it last time. Good news for the Jets - it doesn't take brains to be a good receiver.   

12. Las Vegas Raiders

Needs: WR, CB, LB, QB 

The Pick: CeeDee Lamb | WR | Oklahoma 

Analysis: This pick really depends on who the Jets pick before them.  It will either be Lamb or Jeudy.  I personally think Jeudy is the better prospect but the Raiders should be happy with either of them.  This will fill a major disparity on the Raiders roster.  CeeDee Lamb is the explosive type of player that Al Davis would be proud to call a Raider. I'm sure he's smiling down on this mock draft!

13. Indianapolis Colts

Needs: QB, WR, DL, OL 

The Pick: Laviska Shenault | WR | Colorado 

Analysis: Shenault is a WR that will undoubtedly test very well at the combine.  He pairs size with elite speed that is highly sought after in the NFL and the Colts look to add him to their underwhelming receiving corps.  He will take away attention from TY Hilton and if he remains healthy can be a great addition to this offense.  Hopefully, Jacoby Briskett can get him the ball. 

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Needs: QB, EDGE, DT, OL 

The Pick: Jordan Love | QB | Utah State

Analysis:  That's all she wrote for Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay.  The Bucs look to the future and select a quarterback that has shown some ability versus lesser opponents. Love is a good QB, I like him more than Herbert, but because of where he played in college he will slide down the board to Tampa Bay at 14. Not a bad pick and now the Jameis Winston Free Agency Saga begins!  

Jameis Winston

15. Denver Broncos

Needs: WR, OL, CB, LB 

The Pick: Andrew Thomas | OT | Georgia

Analysis: The Broncos need to get protection for second-year quarterback Drew Lock and they do just that by selecting Andrew Thomas out of Georgia.  Thomas is another strong offensive lineman in this draft.  I would be willing to bet that he will have a better career Becton out of Louisville.     

Atlanta Falcons
16. Atlanta Falcons

Needs: EDGE, DT, CB, OL 

The Pick: Javon Kinlaw | DT | South Carolina 

Analysis: Alright, I'll be honest, I'm not familiar with Javon Kinlaw.  I don't know if he's any good but I've seen his name a few times.  Also, the Falcons always pick a forgettable player like Kinlaw so this is a perfect fit. Nice Pick Hot-lanta!  

17. Dallas Cowboys

Needs: S, EDGE, CB, DT

The Pick: A.J. Epenesa | EDGE | Iowa 

Analysis: I like AJ Epenesa! I think he could be a JJ Watt Caliber player.  I think he could really be the surprise of the draft and unfortunately, I have him going to the Cowboys.  Epenesa is a big-bodied, athletic defensive end that will be disrupting plays in the back-field from day one! Great value pick.   


Miami Dolphins
18. Miami Dolphins (via Pittsburgh Steelers - Minka Fitzpatrick trade) 

Needs: QB, EDGE, OL, CB, RB 

The Pick: Austin Jackson | OT | USC 

Analysis: Another under the radar player that I like a lot.  Jackson is a load at about 6'6" 320lbs.  He's an effective pass blocker and bull when it comes to the running game.  Jackson is a good addition to an offensive line that will need a lot of help to keep Tua upright. 

19. Las Vegas Raiders (via Chicago Bears - Khalil Mack trade)

Needs: WR, CB, LB, QB

The Pick: Patrick Queen | LB | LSU 

Analysis: If you watched the NCAA championship game you know who Patrick Queen is. He is an outstanding linebacker that will fly around and have 120 tackles per year.  He reminds me of Patrick Willis.. yes, very generous but fair for a very impressive linebacker.  

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Los Angeles Rams - Jalen Ramsey trade)

Needs: CB, WR, LB, S 

The Pick: Tee Higgins | WR | Clemson

Analysis: Finally! The Jaguars address their offensive needs and select Tee Higgins with the 20th pick.  I have to admit that I don't trust Clemson wide receivers or running backs... except for DeAndre Hopkins.  Sammy Watkins is a bum, Martvais Bryant is a loser, and CJ Spiller was a disappointment to name a few.  All great players at Clemson that flopped in the NFL.  Hopefully for the Jags Higgins is an outlier here. 

21. Philadelphia Eagles 

Needs: WR, CB, LB, S 

The Pick: Kenneth Murray | LB | Oklahoma

Analysis: Murray, like Simmons and Queen, is an athletic linebacker that will likely make an immediate impact. I do have some reservations about selecting a defensive player from Oklahoma though. Their defense is swiss cheese year in and year out.  If Murray is so good why did their defense disappoint every week? Maybe he was a victim of circumstance, who knows? All we can do is just wait and see!

22. Buffalo Bills

Needs: EDGE, WR, DL, CB 

The Pick: Henry Ruggs | WR | Alabama 

Analysis: Henry Ruggs is the fastest player in the draft.  He slides down the draft board a bit because teams may view him as a gadget player... Well if that's true, give me a gadget player because he is explosive.  The Bills desperately need receiving help and with the best big-body receivers off the board, they are lucky to have the speedster Ruggs fall right into their lap.  If available it would be a mistake to pass on Henry Ruggs! Even Josh Allen would have a tough time overthrowing Ruggs. 

New England
23. New England Patriots 

Needs: EDGE, TE, OL, QB 

The Pick: K'Lavon Chaisson | EDGE | LSU 

Analysis: Chaisson did not put up crazy stats only post 9.5 sacks at LSU, but he showed flashes of elite ability.  He is an athletic freak that, with some coaching, will fit perfectly in the Patriots' defense. Prediction: Chaisson will have more sacks in his rookie season than he had his entire college career.   

24. New Orleans Saints

Needs: CB, OL, WR, QB 

The Pick: Kristian Fulton | CB | LSU 

Analysis: Wow, just the second cornerback off the board.  There's not great defensive back talent at the top of the draft but we will see more as we move throughout the draft.  Fulton was not the best corner on his team this year but he will be a great addition to the Saints defense that needs some help against the pass to propel them to the next level. 

MInnesota Vikings
25. Minnesota Vikings

Needs: CB, OL, DL, WR 

The Pick: Josh Jones | OT | Houston 

Analysis: Vikings offensive line was plagued with injury last year and they need some help at tackle so Jones makes perfect sense here.  There will be a slight learning curve but I view Jones as a week 1 starter for the Vikings. 

26. Miami Dolphins (via Houston Texans - Laremy Tunsil/Kenny Stills trade) 

Needs: QB, EDGE, OL, CB, RB 

The Pick: Curtis Weaver | EDGE | Boise State 

Analysis: The Dolphins had a stockpile of picks coming into the draft and their last one will be spent on Curtis Weaver, pass-rushing specialist out of Boise State.  Weaver will add a much-needed spark to an otherwise bland Miami defense. 

27. Seattle Seahawks

Needs: EDGE, WR, OL 

The Pick: Julian Okwara | EDGE | Notre Dame 

Analysis: I have Seattle taking Okwara here, but let's be real it doesn't matter.  It feels like no matter who the Seahawks draft or where they draft them, they wind up being great.  So, good for you Julian Okwara, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time in Seattle... Go Irish!

Baltimore Ravens
28. Baltimore Ravens 

Needs: WR, LB, OL, EDGE CB 

The Pick: CJ Henderson | CB | Florida

Analysis: With the exit of veteran safety Tony Jefferson the Ravens need to fortify their defense.  They look to do that by drafting Florida CB CJ Henderson.  Henderson has the ability to step in and make an impact on this defense right away.  I think this is the direction they will go, but if I'm the Ravens I take Justin Jefferson here because their wide receivers STINK! 

29. Tennessee Titans 

Needs: EDGE, OL, QB, TE 

The Pick: Terrell Lewis | EDGE | Alabama 

Analysis: The Titans look to add to an already strong defensive front seven with Lewis out of Alabama.  Lewis will be someone that is a more conventional pass-rusher that what the Titans currently have on their roster and they hope he can make an immediate impact. 

Green Bay Packers
30. Green Bay Packers

Needs: WR, LB, OL, TE 

The Pick: Justin Jefferson | WR | LSU 

Analysis: I like this pick! Aaron Rodgers isn't getting any younger and if he wants to win another Super Bowl I think the Packers need to a playmaker at the wide receiver position.  Pairing Jefferson with Davante Adams gives the Packers one of the best receiving duos in the NFL. 


San Francisco 49ers
31. San Francisco 49ers

Needs: S, CB, LB, OL 

The Pick: Grant Delpit | S | LSU 

Analysis: Delpit was the leader of the LSU championship defense this past season.  He is the best safety in the draft and would be a great player to plug into the 49ers defense. LSU is affectionately known as DBU for a reason, they produce great NFL defensive backs every year and Delpit is sure to be another one on that list.  

Kansas City Chiefs
32. Kansas City Cheifs 

Needs: LB, CB, RB, OL 

The Pick: Trevon Diggs | CB | Alabama 

Analysis: The Cheifs' defense played great down the stretch this season but why not add a starting defensive back to the team. Trevon Diggs is good and will likely find himself in a starting role for the Chiefs next season but I would maybe consider drafting a running back here because their running back situation can only be described as inconsistent this season... But what do I know? 

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