Another Example of NFL Propaganda and Hypocrisy

Who wins the NFL MVP…better question is… who cares who wins the NFL MVP award? In, what those that run the NFL proudly state and everyone agrees is the ultimate team sport!

What happened to the old saying “there is no I in TEAM”? I guess the NFL is the one smartass in the classroom who shouted out “but there is an M & E”.

The award should be called the “Most Valuable Player who plays on the offense and at a skill position”. Don’t you dare be a defensive player because you no longer can be considered for the award. Think about it, since 1957 when the award began, there has been the same number of defensive players as kickers to win the award. Mark Mosley and Lawrence Taylor have the same amount of MVP awards (1)… worse than this that is exactly 1 more than Dick Butkus, JJ Watt, Reggie White or Bob Lilly.

NFL MVP Winners

We all listen to the network “geniuses” talking about the things they claim are important to winning the games each week and how each victory or loss will affect their standing and the league, in general, each week. But yet I have never heard one time from any of the “geniuses” tell me how winning the MVP award will benefit any team or anyone other than the person who wins the award. It is a totally selfish award that the networks have decided they can make more money if they get the public invested in who ultimately wins the award. Fans now have a rooting interest in who wins an award that is totally subjective. But even though winning the MVP has no effect on wins or losses, you can’t go 10 minutes of any football show without a reference to whether Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson is the leading candidate for league MVP. This is supposed to be an award you win for your entire body of work for the entire season.

Russell Wilson Crying

I guess worse than this nonsense related to the MVP award think about the ridiculous statements most announcers routinely make now, calling players (still playing the game) “hall of famers”. They rarely even add ”potential and/or future” to that statement. You become a hall of famer based on your body of work over your entire career… not a few good years. That’s the reason those that made the rules, for getting voted into the hall of fame, created a long waiting period between when a player ends their career and when they can be voted into the hall. It is supposed to take more than just a bunch of stats and being very popular with the media, or in Terrell Davis’s case, becoming a co-worker to most of the voters and kissing everyone’s ass.


Here is the hypocrisy part of the matter… Think about it, which is better winning the MVP or being the Walter Payton Man of the Year winner? I am sure if you asked the folks who run the NFL they would profess the Walter Payton award is a much higher honor. Because “it shows the player realizing he is part of an even bigger team, the community they live in” (Oh How Nice). I point this out because when you win the Walter Payton award you can don the patch that goes with this award on your uniform for the rest of your career. We all know that’s a big deal coming from a league that fined players a total of $527,000 over the last 2 years for the giant misdeed of wearing socks that did not match team colors. So we all can agree the NFL wants everyone to think winning this award is more important than the MVP award.

The funny thing is we rarely hear about who the Walter Payton candidates are for this award each year except in those 30 second TV commercials when most of us are grabbing a beer or taking a leak… or of course when the final 3 are chosen and profiled after the season has ended during the playoffs. Then it becomes a big deal because the NFL wants all the extra viewers watching the Super Bowl to think they really care about people and give the award to their players for those who do it best. Then finally the winner is crowned at Super Bowl weekend. Does anyone else feel like that award is akin to winning Miss Congeniality at the Miss America beauty contest?

Obviously, this is all BS. Just like Miss congeniality… a smoking hot chick does not want to win an award that says they have a “great personality”, that is code for UGLY!!! And NFL players do not give a shit about winning the Walter Payton award. Just so everyone knows…Walter Payton couldn’t have won the Walter Payton award based on his life off the playing field… just ask his wife and business partners.

Walter Payton

Back to the MVP and the silliness associated with it, that seems to be getting worse each year. This year we were told we had a leader in the clubhouse after week one. Remember, everyone anointed Christian McCaffery? This is all the henchmen for the NFL (also known as FOX/NBC/CBS/ESPN/NFL network) needed to start the conversation and polling about who is leading and who the other contenders are. This is a season-long award and as such should only be debated once the entire season is completed, not after the first game and based on projections.

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