Chris Petersen Steps Down as Washington Head Coach, But Why?

Some surprising news out of Tacoma, Washington today as Chris Petersen has stepped down from his position as the head football coach because he wants to "recharge".  I find that very hard to believe, sounds like he's taking a page out of Urban Meyer's playbook right there. Regardless, his resignation comes as a shock as Petersen has been extremely successful in his time as a head coach in the NCAA, never posting a losing record.  Obviously, the first thing we think is that he is stepping down because there may be a controversy or scandal that will be unearthed in the near future.  Or that Chris Petersen will be receiving a high profile job offer (possibly USC or the NFL).  I really hope the former is the case, I sure do love a nice scandal. 



Maybe Petersen was the head of a Russian organized crime outfit in Washington that has just been discovered by the University.  I bet the school found out and told him that they didn't want any part of his transgressions. They gave him the choice that he could either quietly step down and leave UW for good or he could deny the allegations and the administration would be forced to alert the proper authorities.  Petersen made the safe choice because if he decided to fight the allegations the conflict would undoubtedly end in a massive gunfight with police.  Petersen would likely escape this battle unscathed because of his training but he would lose many comrades along the way.  While they would probably go on to make a hit movie about Petersen's secret lifestyle he will now be able to slip out of the public eye leaving very little known destruction in his wake. 

Godspeed Chris Petersen.

Chris Petersen

(This is all conjecture)         

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