Drew Pearson Did Not Make the NFL Hall of Fame... Why is This a Story?


I have seen this clip of Drew Pearson making the rounds today.  To be honest I'm disappointed in outlets like ESPN and Bleacher Report pushing this non-story around.  They are acting like they feel bad for him but really they are just baiting people online into making jokes about this guy being genuinely upset. 

I guess I could understand if it was a ridiculous video of him going crazy ranting about the NFL, tearing his house apart, and yelling at people... but it wasn't.  This is just a video of a sad/angry old man that feels like he was cheated.  He said that he was heartbroken and he was disappointed in the way the Hall of Fame handled the selection announcement, it was very uncomfortable.  I don't know about you but that doesn't sound like something I'm interested in watching! 

Also, who's the guy still filming after he found out that Pearson was not being inducted? Hey buddy, maybe stop recording...




For the record, I'm not a Cowboy fan and I don't care if Drew Pearson makes the NFL Hall of Fame, and neither should he.  The NFL H.O.F. is the worst in professional sports.  There is no integrity, and they don't actually care about how good you were, or what impact you made on the game.  They let in guys like Terrell Davis and recently Bill Cowher.  These guys were soooo average.  Terrell Davis was good in the postseason and had a 2,000-yard season (that's it!! look at his career stats) and Bill Cowher won 1 Superbowl.  With that logic why don't they put Jamal Lewis and Gary Kubiak in the Hall of Fame? I'd be willing to guess that's because Davis and Cowher are both big television personalities that cover the NFL and Lewis and Kubiak are relatively silent unknown names. 

Gary Kubiak Denver Broncos

Don't be so disappointed Drew and media outlets, you need to have better judgment of what to report. 

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