ESPN Guilty of Fat Shaming. SAD!

This is a story that is likely going under the radar because unfortunately, the sweet science is going the way of the dodo bird.  But that is not the point, what I would like to point out is that ESPN is awful and in a headline released today they claimed that reigning heavyweight champion of the world Andy Ruiz "balloons to 283 pounds".  I understand that weight is a relevant factor in sports however there is no reason for the disparaging language to say that one ballooned.  They might as well have said that he "is now an absolute blimp and it is a wonder how his legs don't give out under his rotund frame". 


This is a very disturbing development for ESPN, who has now become one of the foremost authorities on all things PC.  How do they know that Andy Ruiz isn't struggling with his weight, maybe he has a thyroid condition, maybe the big fella is self-conscious and they hurt his feelings? No, this is not the concern of ESPN, they only care about others when it is convenient to their agenda.  

I would like to raise a hypothetical... Imagine if a sportswriter wrote an article and the headline read "Serena Williams Balloons to 283 Pounds Ahead of Wimbledon".  I have a sneaky suspicion that would not go over so well. So why is it okay for them to say this about Andy Ruiz?  ESPN, you can not pick and choose when you are PC and then criticize others for lesser offenses. 


I want to make something clear.  I would have no issue with this headline if ESPN didn't have the history that they did.  Andy Ruiz is a fat bastard and should be referred to as such.  But you know what? Serena Williams is an absolute whale and if you're going to point out that one athlete is overweight it is unfair and disingenuous not to call out other athletes for being great big fatties. 

This morning I saw the worldwide leader in sports was talking about boxing and I was excited, then I learned it was a hate piece strewn with fat shaming.  I guess it was silly of me to expect anything different from ESPN.     

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