Is This The Best Idea For A Super Bowl Commercial Ever?

Ok, so I've got a great idea for a Super Bowl commercial.  I'm not sure what made me think of this but I have a remarkable brain and I have these home run caliber ideas once in a while.  

Everybody knows the old OJ Simpson Hertz commercials, they were a hit, everyone loved them! 

OJ running through the airport, hurdling barriers, the guy was just in an absolute rush to get his rental car.  There were little old ladies and children cheering him on, yelling to him "Go OJ Go!"  They had everything you would want in a commercial, the big star, excitement, they were relatable and memorable, simply some of the best commercials ever... Then OJ became less, Ummm.. marketable, I guess?

So here's the genius idea that would be undoubtedly the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time.  Think the same idea as the OJ-Hertz commercials, except its Jameis Winston in a Publix.  Everyone knows about Jameis' little crab leg incident so there's no reason to be ashamed, why not make some money off of it?  

The commercial starts with a catchy Publix theme song playing, Jameis is in the seafood section, he quickly grabs some Alaskan king crab legs and takes off, the gentleman behind the counter shouts "Great choice, Jameis!"  He then runs through the entire store, much like OJ in the Hertz commercials, except instead of children and old ladies cheering him on there's security chasing him.  Jameis eludes the security and sprints through self-checkout.  He then exits the store and stands in front of the store standing with his chest puffed-out, proud of the feat, holding his crab legs to the sky as a show of success. 

Jameis Winston Crab Legs

Then security approaches him and says jokingly "Jameis...Not again!"  Jameis Winston then shows the authorities his receipt and everyone smiles and laughs, you know some real cheesy reaction.  Fade to Black and then the Publix logo transitions onto the screen. Who knows, maybe they could even do a spin-off of the commercial and have OJ and Jameis eating crab legs and have OJ say "I would kill for these crab legs!" Then Jameis and OJ both start laughing hysterically... That part is still being developed though. 

So if this commercial idea ever sees the light of day you all know who to credit.         

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