Lamar Jackson - The Best Running Back to Play Quarterback

This is not some sort of blog praising Lamar Jackson for standing his ground and continuing down the path of being an NFL quarterback.  There's been enough of that, he won the NFL MVP (credit to me for predicting this in week 4), he's great, we get it.  Since week 1 this past season, we've heard Jackson say jokingly "not bad for a running back" and I agree he does alright for a running back playing quarterback.  But what if he actually played running back? Would he be even better, or more valuable to his team?  I would say YES!


Everybody acts like it is such an ugly thing to suggest that Lamar Jackson and other athletic quarterbacks coming out of college would be better running backs than quarterbacks.  It used to be routine for everyone to say that athletic quarterbacks lacking arm talent would have to transition to wide-receiver or running back in the NFL.  Today if you so much as think this you are looked down upon and practically excommunicated - Look at Charley Casserly for example, he said Lamar Jackson should play wideout in the NFL and everybody acted like he was the village idiot and a big racist.  When, in reality, Casserly just thought his skill set was better for a different position... and maybe he's right!

Lamar Jackson Spin

We've all seen the way Lamar Jackson runs the ball and the way he utilizes his speed, agility, and elusiveness better than any ball carrier in the league... It's incredible to watch.  Imagine if he was handed the ball 20-30 times per game like Derrick Henry, I would argue that Lamar Jackson could rush for 2,000 yards in a season.  On top of that, imagine if he was playing with a great quarterback that could throw the ball downfield or to Jackson out of the backfield, the team would be unstoppable.  This is not a shot at Jackson's ability as a quarterback (even though most of his touchdown passes came from inside of 10 yards) but it is fair to wonder what if he actually was a running back. 

Lamar Jackson Run

I like Lamar Jackson, he's a blast to watch but, like all other mobile quarterbacks in the past, NFL defenses are able to adapt very quickly and I bet by mid-season this year team's will have figured out how to stop him.  Teams will look at what the Titans did in the playoffs and replicate that going forward.  If Lamar Jackson played running back I honestly believe he'd be the best in the league.  I also look at Jalen Hurts coming out of Oklahoma and know that he has absolutely no chance to have a long successful NFL career as a quarterback but if he was to enter the draft as a running back, he would be a top-5 running back in the league in a matter of 3 years.  Most importantly I believe that people need to have the ability to have and to voice opinions like this going forward and not be treated like an idiot for saying what they think.  

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