NFL Championship Weekend Recap

This past weekend's games determined who would be traveling to Miami to play in the Super Bowl on February 2nd.  As we all know by now the Chiefs will be representing the AFC and the 49ers are their counterpart from the NFC.  So let's get into the games that decided the participants of Super Bowl LIV (That's 54 for any of you dunces that don't do Roman Numerals). 

AFC Championship Titans vs Chiefs

This was a game that went almost exactly as the Chiefs drew it up.  The only hiccup was letting the Titans get out to a 10-0 lead early.  After that, the Chiefs weathered the storm and bottled up Derrick Henry for the rest of the game. The Chiefs neutralized Henry and guess who's happiest about it?  LeBron James, obviously! He was at risk of losing his title of King, well rest easy BronBron you have retained your crown.   

LeBron James Gif

In my opinion, this game was a total snooze-fest.  As soon as Tennessee let Mahomes scamper for the TD right before halftime the game was over.  The Titans didn't have a chance to come back with their run-heavy offense.  I will admit, I am disappointed in Ryan Tannehill.  Everyone was talking about Tannehill like he was a piece of human trash and I was genuinely fooled into believing he was better than people said.  After watching him try to manufacture a comeback on Sunday I can humbly admit I may have been wrong, there is now a shadow of doubt cast over Ryan Tannehill... Also, the Chiefs held on every play and didn't get called for it, but who's complaining?

Pat Mahomes Ketchup


NFC Championship Packers vs 49ers

This game was worse than the AFC Championship.  It was a blowout from the start. The Packers' defense looked like they had never played football before.  They made Raheem Mostert look like a god.  It was not only their D, Green Bay suffered on offense as well.  Aaron Rodgers looked like he drank his post-game scotch before the game even started... I guess he got mixed up because of the timezones.  The bottom line is that it just appeared San Francisco wanted it more and as a result, they will be the NFC representative in the Super Bowl. 

Raheem Mostert San Francisco 49ers

Let's hope the Chiefs and Niners put on a much better show than what we saw this weekend.             


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