NFL Coaches are Dropping Like Flys

NFL coaches and front-office employees are being fired left-and-right today, as terrible teams are ridding themselves of the poor leadership that has plagued many NFL teams.    

It all started with Jay Gruden and the Washington R-Words earlier this season.  I feel bad for Jay.  I don't think he was ever going to be a good coach but he never had anything to work with.  He had to deal with Bruce Allen and Daniel Snyder, possibly the worst front-office/owner combo in professional sports, his entire time in DC.  They were never able to build a solid foundation of talent, which caused the questionably-named franchise to flounder.  All signs are pointing to "Riverboat" Ron Rivera (fired by the Panthers earlier this season) as the next head coach in our nation's capital. 

Washington Redskins Dan Snyder Jay Gruden Ron Rivera

Next was Ron Rivera, fired by the Carolina Panthers amid another disappointing season.  Rivera is a different story than Gruden.  He had enough talent around him to win games, they just were not able to put anything together aside from Christian McCaffery.  It is unclear who will replace Rivera in Carolina, my guess would be Mike McCarthy.  Regardless of the coach, the Panthers will need a new quarterback before they can hope to win some significant games. 

Yesterday after the Browns lost to the Cincinnati Bengals (2-14) John Dorsey fired Freddie Kitchens, who I believe is one of the worst coaches in NFL history.  Fat Boy Freddie only made it one year as an NFL head coach.  He was completely unqualified for the job but I think Browns fans need to put the some of the blame on their owner/front-office.  When the Browns were looking for a new head coach they knew they needed someone that could manage the big personalities of Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, and many more characters.  So what did they do? They hired a fat slob that was the quarterback coach under Hue Jackson. I don't mean to be rude to poor old Freddie but he really was a slob, it's like he was trying to look like a bum.  Jimmy Haslem and John Dorsey need to do better.

Freddie Kitchens

This morning news came through that the Giants fired Pat Shurmur.  This was such an obvious move Pat Shurmur sucked... big time.  Have you tried to watch a Giants game this year? It's painful.  Sure they don't have a lot of the talent they need to succeed at a high level, but Pat Shurmur has to take most of the blame here.  With Shurmur, we are in a similar situation as Kitchens, Dave Gettleman should also be fired.  The last two head coaches the Gettleman hired are Ben McAdoo-doo and Pat Shurmur - Yuck! The New York Football Giants have a lot of young talent and with a good coach and improvements on the offensive line, they could make some nice strides in 2020. 

Pat Shurmur Fired

R-Word fans, you can celebrate a small victory today.  Sorry, Dan Snyder still owns the team.  But today Washington fired Bruce Allen after 10 years (how did that guy have a job for 10 years?). This news gives R-word fans a glimmer of hope for the 2020 season.   

THIS JUST IN: Breaking News into Best Bet Boys HQ, the Dallas Cowboys will not fire Jason Garrett... They are just going to let his contract expire. Tough season to be a coach in the NFC East

Pat Shurmur Jason Garrett

Also, there are rumors about Doug Marrone being fired from Jacksonville, but its the Jags - Who Cares.    

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