NFL Playoffs - Wild Card Recap

Game 1: Bills vs Texans 

Talk about miserable.  The Bills jumped out to a 16-0 lead and managed to blow it, losing 22-19 in OT.  Many people are crediting DeShaun Watson for this comeback, no doubt he played well for a quarter, but this loss falls on the Bills coaches and Josh Allen who by the beginning of the overtime period looked like he had been weeping like a little child for hours.  Fun Fact: Devin Singletary averages the most yards/carry among all running backs in the NFL, guess how many carries he got in overtime... ZERO!  The Bills were running this chaotic offense as though they were trying to put together another 2-minute drive.  Josh Allen ran two quarterback sweeps that were very poorly blocked and passed on every other play of overtime, just witty play-calling.

Josh Allen NFL Buffalo Bills

Some good news though, reports are swirling that the Browns are interviewing Bills' OC Brian Daboll today for their head coaching vacancy and I hope for the sake of every Bills fan he signs with them.  Don't worry Cleveland I'm sure he's got a great personality!   

Brian Daboll NFL Cleveland Browns Buffalo Bills

Game 2: Titans vs Patriots

If there is one thing to take away from this game it is that Derrick Henry is good at football.  And the Patriots are who we thought they were! Tom Brady is a washed-up geezer and their defense struggled with the high-powered Titans offense lead by Ryan Tannehill.  This was an upset but I don't believe many people were surprised by the result as Tennessee has been the hottest team in the league lately and the Pats were coming off an ugly loss the Dolphins.  The Titans could give the Ravens some unexpected trouble this week in Baltimore.  To be honest all of this talk about the Brady/Belichick dynasty being split up is very disappointing.  I really wish we could get a few more years of mediocrity out of Brady and this offense. #StillHere


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2020, and still here. #LFG

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Game 3: Vikings vs Saints 

This was a great game that surprised most.  New Orleans fell to Minnesota in overtime.  And of course, the Saints fans are being big babies whining about the refs on the last play of the game.  They are arguing that Kyle Rudolph pushed off on the game-winning touchdown and they didn't review it.  Well, guess what Saints fans, Rudolph did push-off, deal with it.  You guys were the better team and should have taken care of business in regulation.  I think it's fair to say the Saints can't handle the bright lights and they choked. 

Sean Payton Choke gif New Orleans Saints

Game 4: Seahawks vs Eagles 

The result of this game did not matter because neither of these teams has a chance of beating the Packers at Lambeau.  My reason for thinking this is that the Eagles were a terrible team with a billion injures and the Seahawks barely managed to beat them.  This was a close game throughout but since Carson Wentz's early exit due to injury it never really felt that close.  Wentz left the game with a concussion that was the result of a very dirty hit by Jadeveon Clowney.  I can only imagine how much Saints fans would complain if that happened to Drew Brees.



Also, now people are acting like DK Metcalf is Jerry Rice.  Yeah, the guy had a really nice game, he's a physical specimen, but he was playing against the Eagles.  They had arguably the worst defensive backs in the league, combined with all the injuries they really struggled to keep their heads above water this season.  

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