NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

Here is our week 12 NFL recap and power rankings. This will be posted every Tuesday of the NFL season giving you our thoughts on the past week's games and stories.  


Cincinnati Bengals NFL Logo

32. Cincinnati Bengals (0-10) 


The winless Bengals played a feisty Oakland Raiders team this week and they really put the screws to them... Just Kidding!  The Bengals came out and scored early on a short Joe Mixon TD run.  After that, their offense was completely non-existent.  Luckily for Cincinnati, they were able to escape the Black Hole only losing by one possession. Next week the Bengals will be at home against the Steelers, who are down a couple of key players after playing the BountyGate-Esque Browns. The Bengals are looking at another tough week and will probably have trouble finding a win the remainder of the season.  A Marvin Lewis 8-8 season is now just a happy memory for Cincinnati fans. 


Washington Redskins NFL Logo

31. Washington Redskins (1-9)

Another stinker for the R-Words.  Washington played the Sam Darnold lead Jets and struggled the entire game.  On the bright side, they were able to score their first offensive TD in over a calendar month. There's not much good to say for this team, Dwayne Haskins looks overmatched every week and they have arguably the worst ownership and front office in professional sports.  Maybe they'll have better luck next week against Jeff Driskell and the Detroit Lions.  - Just a sorry excuse for a team that could use a ton of help. 


Miami Dolphins NFL Logo

30. Miami Dolphins (2-8)

The Dolphins took an expected loss at home against a far superior opponent in the Buffalo Bills.  Miami was able to score on a kick return and a gimmick play but was thoroughly dominated the entire game.  The Dolphins never stood a chance and honestly, they don't even deserve to have a team in Miami, they have no fans and the players don't want to be there - The Mexico City Gauchos could work for this team. (ps: look for the Dolphins to cover +10.5 against Cleveland next week) 


New York Giants NFL Logo

29. New York Giants(2-8)

The Giants were on bye this week... Still a terrible team, if Saquan Barkley can't get out of this funk that he's in and they keep losing to teams like the Jets you can look for them to stay at the bottom of the NFL Power Rankings. Next week is a question mark as the Giants play the dysfunctional Chicago Bears, who have a comical offense.  Here's a free pick for the Giants' front office - fire Pat Shurmur.


New York Jets NFL Logo

28. New York Jets (3-7)

The Jets came out of Washington with a nice win on Sunday.  Sam Darnold threw for 4 TDs and looked surprisingly good.  We must keep in mind they were playing the NFL equivalent of a triple-A team. The Jets will play the red hot Raiders next week at home.  New York will need another strong performance from Darnold if they hope to win this one.  


Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Logo

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-7)

Jim Nantz Voice: "A tradition unlike any other" No it's not the Masters.  It's just another Sunday with Jameis Winston throwing a bundle of interceptions. Bucs fall to the Saints who predictably bounce back after a tough loss last week. Tampa Bay plays the Falcons next week who will look to win their 3rd straight. 


Cleveland Browns NFL Logo

26. Cleveland Browns (4-6)

Freddie Kitchens has really got his hands full.  I don't mean to point fingers but it looked reminiscent of the Saints Bounty Gate days and I think there should be an investigation.  Myles Garrett trying to kill Mason Rudolph and getting suspended indefinitely is a good way to spice up yet another lackluster Thursday night football game, maybe next time do it in the first half before everybody turns the game off.  Browns beat the Steelers but they will have hard times ahead with the added distractions.    


Denver Broncos NFL Logo

25. Denver Broncos (3-7)

The Broncos should be embarrassed they blew a 20 point lead at the half to Kirk Cousins. Denver has suffered whacky losses like this all season.  They are an interesting team with the potential to upset playoff hopefuls if they can put two halves of good football together.  Denver travels to Buffalo next week and looks to upset the Bills.   


Atlanta Falcons NFL Logo

24. Atlanta Falcons (3-7)

Atlanta takes down two divisional opponents in consecutive weeks.  The Carolina Panthers were simply outplayed by the Falcons.  Dan Quinn may have bought himself more time in Atlanta but I still believe he's about as good at being an NFL coach as Casey Anthony is a mother.  Falcons take on the Bucs next week and look to win 3 straight.  


Arizona Cardinals NFL Logo

23. Arizona Cardinals (3-7-1)

Arizona lost a close one to the 49ers but that's not the story here.  The story is that this game was a bad beat for the history books.  This backdoor cover for the 49ers should be considered a crime against humanity. Arizona is on bye next week. 


Detroit Lions NFL Logo

22. Detroit Lions (3-6-1)

The Lions lost to the Cowboys but Jeff Driskell improved a bit. With Stafford likely out the remainder of the season Detroit is as good as dead. Even with Stafford the Lions were a boring team so it's just as well that they are out of the picture.  If Detroit was an ice cream flavor they'd be butterscotch because they're both grotesque and nobody should be subjected to either. 


Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Logo

21. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6)

Jacksonville, much like many of the teams already listed above, is no longer really in the playoff race.  The Jags took a tough loss to the Colts this week as Jacoby Brisset returned from injury.  Jacksonville just didn't show up and found themselves on the wrong end of a blowout to a division opponent. Next week the Jaguars face the Titans in what should be a close game.   


Los Angeles Chargers NFL Logo

20. Los Angeles Chargers (4-7)

Phillip Rivers stinks and is one of the most overrated quarterbacks to ever play the game. The Chargers yet again lost a winnable game because Phil went out there and decided to toss 4 picks. Hang 'em up Phil and spend some time with your 400 children! Gracious to Pete!  


Chicago Bears NFL Logo

19. Chicago Bears (4-6)

I think everyone knows what to expect from this... Da Bears are bad.  Mitch was a bad draft pick and the head coach is a moron. Chicago lost to a vulnerable Rams team and Trubisky mysteriously got "injured" at the end of the game so Nagy put Chase Daniels in at quarterback. Everyone with a brain knows that's rubbish, Nagy pulled Mitch and was trying to save face.  So sad to see a once-proud franchise in turmoil. Good news is they play the Giants next week.    


Tennessee Titans NFL Logo

18. Tennessee Titans (5-5)

The Titans were on bye this week.  A very basic team with an outside chance at their division. They play the Jags this week in what should be a close but unwatchable game. 


Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Logo

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5)

The Steelers were on the other end of the controversial game involving the Browns.  They took a tough, yet predictable loss to that slouch Baker Mayfield.  Mason Rudolph was bad.  One could make the argument that a duck would be a better quarterback or better yet Duck Hodges.  Who knows, maybe Mason Rudolph getting his fat head smashed in by a helmet will shake the cobwebs loose and help him play better down the stretch. Really tough game against the Bengals next week.  


Carolina Panthers NFL Logo

16. Carolina Panthers (5-5)

The Panthers are a very confusing team.  I understand they were trailing most of the game but there is no reason that Kyle Allen should be attempting 50 passes.  That is simply idiotic.  Also maybe don't throw 4 interceptions to the dumpy Falcons.  Panthers got crushed by the Falcons and look to turn it around next week against the Saints... Good Luck with that!


Oakland Raiders NFL Logo

15. Oakland Raiders (6-4)

The Oakland Raiders are surprisingly winning games.  They have their sights on winning the AFC West and with the Chiefs not playing great it's not out of the realm of possibility.  The Raiders beat the Bengals this week which really isn't saying much and they travel to Jets next week for what should be an easy win.  I'm not sold that this will be an easy win for Oakland, keep an eye on the Jets to maybe cover or even upset the Raiders. 


Indianapolis Colts NFL Logo

14. Indianapolis Colts (6-4)

Following a win over the Jags, the Colts are now in the driver's seat in the AFC South. Despite the fact they lead the division and Jacoby Brissett is healthy I still have the Texans as the best team in this division. Luckily for us, the Colts take on the Texans on Thursday night.   


Los Angeles Rams NFL Logo

13. Los Angeles Rams (6-4)

The Rams won an ugly game against the Bears and Jared Goff continues to look like he's never thrown a football before.  The Rams are 6-4, but if they continue to play this way when the playoff roll around they will be on the outside looking in.  The Rams will take on a serious test in the Ravens next week.  Sidenote: Why is nobody ripping Sean McVeigh, they don't hesitate for a second to praise him, but now that he's faltering how about we have that come to Jesus moment and maybe admit that naming him the king of all things football was a little premature.   


Philadelphia Eagles NFL Logo

12. Philadelphia Eagles (5-5)

I'm not sure why but I like the Eagles and I believe they can win their division.  I still think Dallas has a slight edge on them, simply because of the talent around Dak Prescot.  This week the Eagles played a great first half against the Pats and looked like hot garbage in the second half.  The Eagles kept it close and forced the Patriots to use trick plays to score.  I think when healthy Philly can be as dangerous as any team in the league.  Next week the Eagles take on a very strong Seahawks team in what should be a great game.  


Houston Texans NFL Logo

11. Houston Texans (6-4)

The Texans got absolutely embarrassed by a better team this week.  The Ravens scored at will on the Texans, while also holding Houston without a touchdown.  I do believe that Houston is the best team in the AFC South and that they will win their division but I don't see them advancing from the wild card round of the playoffs.   


Kansas City Chiefs NFL Logo

10. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4)

The Chiefs beat the Chargers on Monday night but not all that convincingly.  Their defense looked much better but as I mentioned earlier that was against Phillip Rivers and I believe that I made my opinions on him quite clear.  But if I didn't make myself clear... I think Phil Rivers is a clown that's always shouting and making stupid faces while he lets the play clock expire, then he looks like a wannabe bovine farmer in his press conferences after the game trying to explain why he cost his team another game. Back to the Chiefs, Andy Reid is a challenged coach but if Mahomes can start playing like himself again KC should win the AFC West.


Dallas Cowboys NFL Logo

9. Dallas Cowboys (6-4)

The Cowboys barely beat the Lions this week, but still, control the NFC East. As I mentioned I do believe the Eagles can challenge in the division but fight an uphill battle if the Cowboys keep winning games.  Dak Prescott will continue to put up big numbers because he is surrounded by incredible talent.  Dallas plays New England next in what will likely be one of their toughest games of the season.    


Minnesota Vikings NFL Logo

8. Minnesota Vikings (8-3)

The Vikings crafted a miraculous 20pt second-half comeback this week against the Broncos.  While the Broncos are not a highly rated adversary, a 20 point comeback is always impressive.  I believe this could be the win that builds momentum for the rest of the season... Until Kirk Cousins inevitably chokes the season away in a divisional-round playoff game.   


Buffalo Bills NFL Logo

7. Buffalo Bills (7-3)

The Bills went into Miami and took care of business.  Josh Allen played arguably the best game of his young career as he passed for 3 TDs and galloped past the Dolphins defense for another.  The Bills are the surprise of the season and as long as Allen continues to take care of the ball they can expect continued success.  Buffalo does face a very tough schedule down the stretch and will be put to the test as the season comes to a close.  


New Orleans Saints NFL Logo

6. New Orleans Saints (8-2)

The Saints went into Tampa Bay and stomped the Bucs.  Surprising to no one they nabbed 4 interceptions off Jameis Winston in the dominating win.  With Drew Brees healthy and their defense playing this well the Saints are one of the most dangerous teams in the league. The Saints will look to bottle up Christian McCaffery as they take on the Panthers next.  


Green Bay Packers NFL Logo

5. Green Bay Packers (8-2)

The Packers were on bye this week and remain near the top of the power rankings.  With Aaron Rodgers back in those annoying State Farm commercials and playing like its 2011, the Packers are looking like one of the best teams in the league.  Their only shortcoming is their defense and that will be put to the test this week against a fellow Top-5 team in the 49ers.     


Seattle Seahawks NFL Logo

4. Seattle Seahawks (8-2)

The Seahawks were on bye this week, giving Russell Wilson the chance to buy new hair curlers and thank the Lord for "every beautiful day". Wilson, in my opinion, is involved in a two-man race for the MVP of the league with Ravens' sensation Lamar Jackson. Seattle's defense is stout, which has done a great deal to help them achieve their 8-2 record, but they would be nowhere without Russell Wilson on their otherwise talentless offense. Seattle plays Philly this week in what should be a great game.   


New England Patriots NFL Logo

3. New England Patriots (9-1)

No, the Patriots are not #1. This is probably a little controversial for most sheep that just believe everything they're told.  But, anybody with half a brain that has seen the Pats play knows that this is generous.  No doubt New England has a great defense, but the offense can be described as nothing but anemic.  They will obviously make the playoffs but this is not a New England Patriots team that will make it to the big game. Look for Dallas to play them close this week. 


San Francisco 49ers NFL Logos

2. San Franciso 49ers (9-1)

The 49ers beat the Cardinals this week and came up with the luckiest back door cover in the history of mankind. Regardless, we have seen it all year they have one of the most dynamic defenses in the league and one of the most high powered offenses (despite the lack of star power).  Jimmy Garappolo threw 2 bad interceptions but overall he has looked much more comfortable as the season has gone on.  The 49ers will take on the Packers in their next games.  


Baltimore Ravens NFL Logo

1. Baltimore Ravens (8-2)

The Baltimore Ravens are by far the most impressive team that we have seen this season.  With convincing victories recently over Seattle, New England, and Houston it would be impossible to not have them ranked #1. Lamar Jackson is the MVP right now and the only player with an outside chance to catch him is Russell Wilson.  The Ravens look to continue to beat up on teams over .500 as they play the Rams in their next game. PS: Why is Mark Ingram so annoying? The guy is a good running back but he has to be unbearable in the locker room.  Is Mark Ingram the only thing keeping this team from a championship? 

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