NFL's Chosen Teams Benefit from Collusion Between Referees and Announcing Crews

This is not to say that the NFL referees cheat, but rather that the NFL ensures that the rules are applied perfectly when there is a chance to tilt an advantage to one of the NFL’s chosen favorite children… New England/Dallas/New Orleans…and now Baltimore. Even more than this, in a lot of cases, tilt the advantage away from the NFL’s red-headed stepchildren…. Buffalo/Cincinnati/Detroit.

You do not have to be clairvoyant to see that the referees know the networks will scrutinize whether or not the rules are applied fairly to teams like New England and Dallas, but these same networks will not give the same scrutiny when teams like Detroit or Buffalo get screwed over.



All you must do is review the number of replays that were shown and dissected for every play that went against the Patriots this week.

For example, if you can watch a replay of the Sunday night game, pay special attention to the TD that put the game away. Deshaun Watson caught a pass from Deandre Hopkins on what was a very well-conceived play that confused the New England Patriots. If Bill Belichick or Sean Payton had drawn this up and their team executed it the announcers would have been drooling over how smart these guys are and acting as if they had just witnessed the next coming of Jesus Christ. Instead, we were left with several replays of the play from different angles with Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels conjuring up possible ways this may have been an illegal play.



Not once during the review process of the play did they mention Bill O’Brien or the Texan’s offensive coordinator’s name when dissecting the play. Once they were sadly told by the ref in the booth that the play was legal, they went back to acting like Watson and Hopkins drew the play up in the sand and ran it on their own. Watson and Hopkins are a couple of the "chosen" individuals the NFL is comfortable promoting and hyping…. Think Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and of course Tom Brady. On the opposite side of this spectrum are Kurt Cousins, Jared Goff, and Matthew Stafford (I will get back to that conspiracy at another time.) Bill O’Brien is a coach who could come up with a cure for cancer and never get a positive plug from the media…maybe it’s that odd-looking chin dimple?

Thursday in Dallas there were numerous questionable calls against the Bills early in the game that dramatically affected big plays. Don’t think for a second that referees don’t know that penalties and calls made at certain times during the game can be very impactful to the ultimate outcome. This is why the term we all use… “make up calls” actually happen all the time. Referees and the NFL want to be able to say at the end of the game that the refs called the game even because the penalties were the same for both teams. All it takes are a couple of key calls at the right time to turn a game around and make a close game a blow out or a blow out a close game.

That is exactly what happened on Thursday in Dallas. Two turnovers (interceptions) by the Bills were overturned by defensive penalties. On the first play we got a quick replay from a bad angle on an illegal contact call, and on the second one they never even showed one replay of the supposed illegal hands to the face penalty that overturned a Micah Hyde interception that may have ended the game right then. The Bills clearly were the better team, but the referees knew, either subconsciously or consciously that if their calls tended to help the Cowboys the TV crews announcing the game would have little to no problem with this. Really, Tony Romo calling a Cowboy game on Thanksgiving!! Obviously, the direction of his comments is going to tend to be positive for the Cowboys. I do not think Tony is actively part of the conspiracy. But I certainly believe the NFL is smart enough to know when they put former players in the booth for games involving their former team a certain style of announcing will take place that will allow them to execute their plan.

Tony Romo Ref Gif

So tonight, we have Seattle against Minnesota

One side has Russell Wilson the other Kurt Cousins

One side has Pete Carroll the other Mike Zimmer

One side has hipster “cool” Seattle with the space needle/ pikes place market the other has Minnesota with the giant scary Vikings and 8 months of winter.

Pete Carroll Snoop Dogg

Let’s see how the announcing crew and the referees work together tonight to ensure there is a tie in the NFC West between Seattle and SF with “soon to be” media darling Jimmy G. Maybe even more salient to my point, they will work hard to ensure another one of the media’s favorites Arron Rodgers is in 1st place come Tuesday morning

If I am right and if you are a betting man…my suggestion is to put every dime you have on Seattle tonight…. Minnesota will be playing 11 against 18 with the crew announcing this game playing the part of Vince McMahon and Jim Ross.

Vince McMahon

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