One More Thing About the Bills vs Texans Game

Something I felt like I needed to talk about but didn't get to in the recap was JJ Watt.  What a joy for everyone that he was able to play on Saturday! I doubt steroids played any role in his speedy recovery.  But on a serious note, I hate JJ Watt.  I don't think there is anyone more full of themself than JJ Watt and ESPN is an enabler.  The guy barely played and he's all that Booger and Joe Tessitore wanted to talk about.   

JJ Watt

Why would they have him Mic'd Up for this game?  What was the last interesting thing that JJ Watt actually said?  The guy's like a real-life action figure, pull the string and he'll say one of his catch-phrases, the most popular of course being "LETS GO!"  We get it buddy, you're excited, football's neat but my God you are annoying. Also, you can leave the cliche speeches and forced intensity at the door.    

ESPN also felt the need to show JJ's brother TJ multiple times during the broadcast.  TJ was really whooping it up cheering for his brother and tweeting about his performance.  I don't blame TJ for this, what else would a brother that missed the playoffs do? 



I blame ESPN.  I think in the future they need to have two separate broadcasts.  One for the people that enjoy the sport and want to watch the game. And another for those of you that don't actually like football, you just like all of the phony boloney backstories and lame, egotistical, annoying "superstars" that they force on us...Hmmm, that sounds a lot like the NBA. 

JJ Watt Lebron James

JJ Watt... More like JJ WattaDouchebag 

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