Red Sox Face Allegation of Cheating During 2018 WS Title Run

News broke today of allegations that the Boston Red Sox cheated during their 2018 World Series title run.  Reports claim that the Red Sox stole signs from their opponents using technology in the video replay room. via The Athletic

Imagine that, a team from New England cheating... Just shocking!

Boston Red Sox New England Patriots Cheaters

But this should not come as a surprise if you look at all of the aspects of this story.  It all starts with the Houston Astros, remember, they got caught cheating and it seems like the sports world has forgotten about this.  There was a preponderance of evidence that proved the Astros cheated in 2017 (the year they won the World Series) yet there has been no punishment handed down.  In 2017 Alex Cora was a coach for the Astros, the following year he was hired as the manager for the Boston Red Sox.  In 2018, his first year as manager, Cora led the Sox to a World Series title.  And now it comes out that both teams were using video technology to steal signs.  It looks like Cora must've learned a few things during his time in Houston.

Alex Cora Aj Hinch

These are serious offenses by the Astros and Red Sox.  I say they should both be stripped of their World Series titles.  That's not all, both managers, Aj Hinch and Alex Cora should receive lifetime bans from baseball for their roles in this egregious breach of the rules.  Any players that took part in this need to be suspended for at least 100 games each.  All of those involved are baseball criminals and deserve to be treated as such! 

Pete Rose Alex Cora Aj Hinch

PS: The Astros pitchers are definitely using a foreign substance on their hands to get more grip on the ball.  How else do you explain the jump in significant stats and average rotation for every pitcher that joins their organization? I guess maybe Brent Strom is just the best pitching coach of all time? 

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