Super Bowl Recap - Pitbull Deserves an Apology

Just like that the NFL season has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  In my opinion, the Super Bowl played out much like the regular season.  The NFL was full of bad teams this year and only a handful of teams were able to really separate themselves from the heap of trash at the bottom of the league.  Honestly, this Super Bowl was boring until halfway through the 4th quarter.  Much of the game was highlighted by Pat Mahomes' mediocre play and the 49ers' stale offense. 


The game got exciting when San Francisco and Kyle Shanahan showed signs of choking away a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter... nothing new for Shanahan.  The Chiefs substantially outplayed the Niners the last 10 minutes of the game and that's what decided the Super Bowl as the Chiefs outscored San Fran 21-0 in the 4th quarter to win the game 31-20.  PS: Garoppolo crumbled like coffee cake topping when it mattered the most... total bum as expected. 

JImmy Garoppolo injured

Patrick Mahomes was named MVP of the game, you could make the argument that Damien Williams deserved it with 133 total yards and two touchdowns.  However, I think everyone can agree that although Mahomes was a bum most of the game, they would not have won without him.  Most of all I'm happy for Andy Reid... One can only imagine how many cheeseburgers Big Red hammered last night and he earned every last one of them.  

Now for the big story of the night... The halftime show.

Shakira Super Bowl

This halftime show was a wild ride.  Shakira opened the show and played the hits- She Wolf, Hips Don't Lie, etc...  It was alright, nothing special maybe even a bit underwhelming.  Then something magnificent happened. Shakira looked into the camera and unleashed some sort of wild sound, sticking her tongue out like a lunatic - it really helped to spice up an otherwise bland night.  Shortly after Shakira's outburst, J-Lo took the stage. I'm not entirely certain what she did, all of her songs sounded like one long confusing song... Seemed like something she'll probably do on the Vegas Strip for the next 20 years.  Credit to Shakira and J-Lo as they both displayed some incredible feats of athleticism. 

Shakira JLo Super Bowl

Overall it was an okay, but not great Super Bowl evening, if I had to grade it I'd give it about a 5.4/10.  I only have one specific gripe that I feel very passionately about - NO PITBULL?!  The guy is the king of parties and oh by the way he is Mr.305 (that's the Miami area code for the uninitiated).  How are you going to have a Super Bowl in Miami in the year of our Lord 2020 and not include Pitbull?  What a disgrace.  Shakira and J-Lo displayed the importance of promoting Latin American culture during their performances... who is a better advocate for the Latin community than Mr. WorldWide - Pitbull? No One.  I'm sorry they tried to squeeze you out Pitbull, better luck next time - ¡Dale!

Pitbull Dale Gif

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