Is Taysom Hill a Future NFL Superstar Quarterback?

NOPE!!!... Not even close, but for some reason, media outlets are discussing this as if it is a real possibility.  Pro Football Talk and specifically Mike Florio, have gone ahead and said definitively that Taysom Hill is the future of the NFL and he will be a superstar.



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Good Morning Football on NFL Network ran an entire segment about this, showing that Taysom Hill believes he can be a franchise quarterback and if the Saints don't give him that opportunity, he will leave in free agency.  People have compared him to Steve Young... Which I will say is a completely unfounded comparison, the only similarity between these two is that they are both Mormons that play football. That would be like comparing Hasheem Thabeet to Kareem Abdul Jabar because they are both Muslim basketball players.  One is a legend of the sport, the other is a nobody.. very simple stuff here there is no comparison to be made. 

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To be clear, I don't dislike Taysom Hill, in fact, I think he's one of the more exciting/dynamic players in the league. However, I do dislike stupid people and only stupid people would try to make the argument that Taysom Hill is a franchise quarterback and future superstar.  Taysom Hill attempted 6 passes this season... typically this would not be a point to argue for a backup QB, but Drew Brees missed 4 games this season and Teddy Bridgewater, not Taysom Hill, started at quarterback during Brees' absence.  I'd be willing to bet if the Saints thought that he was a future superstar he would have started those games.  Also, Taysom Hill will be 30 years old this season.  I find it hard to believe that any 30-year-old can be considered the "future" of any professional sport... well maybe bowling or darts I guess. 

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I think that Teddy Bridgewater is getting the raw end of the deal here.  He played great during the time that Drew Bress missed.  Bridgewater went undefeated in games he started this season.  He is coming off of a great 2019 and he's only 27 years old, he should be getting all of the praise that Taysom Hill is getting.  Hill is just a gimmick quarterback and we will never be anything more than that.  If there's one player on that team that has the potential of being a franchise quarterback its Teddy Bridgewater.. and its not even a close call.  

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PS: Maybe the Saints started all of the chatter about Taysom Hill because they don't want anyone to take Teddy Bridgewater from them?

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PPS: Why has everyone stopped talking about the Saints helping the Catholic Church with PR damage control following the sexual abuse scandal in their local diocese? Has there been some resolution or explanation for their involvement that I missed? 

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