Not to Brag but I Just Fixed the Pro Bowl... You're Welcome NFL

The 2020 NFL Pro Bowl rosters were announced last night and to no one's surprise, the Ravens had the most players selected to the Pro Bowl.  The Ravens had 12 players selected to the team, the second-most in the game's history! Wow, just incredible stuff... But Who Cares?


Nobody cares about the Pro Bowl.  Have you tried to watch this game in the last 10 or so years?  I'd rather sit through the Irishman again (Terrible movie BTW.. Over 3 hours for that bad of a movie should be a crime and if you say that movie was good you are either liar or you haven't actually seen it).  Obviously, I know trashing the Pro Bowl is not some sort of hot take, but maybe if people continue to speak ill of it they will just cancel the game or come up with an alternative.

The Pro Bowl is merely a popularity contest and it really has nothing to do with the best players or their talents.  I have a few suggestions that could really improve the Pro Bowl experience for everyone and showcase the skills of the league's best players. 

Tyreek Hill Fast

1. 100 meter Dash (in full pads)

This is a no brainer, everyone loves to say X, Y, Z player is the fastest in the league but let's find out who the fastest is.  Very simple, just have the guys race.

I have a sneaky suspicion that woman beater from Kansas City could be surprised by some of the young speedsters in the league. 

Tyreek Hill Mugshot

2. QB Competition 

This is something that we have seen before.  In the past, the NFL has done different versions of this and it's great.  Have these guys go through an obstacle course, and do the moving target thing.  The best event of this competition would be the long ball competition.  We would finally get the matchup that people have talked about Josh Allen vs Patrick Mahomes.  Just have the guys lineup and sling the pigskin.

3. Some Sort of an Eating/Drinking Contest

Just have all the fatsos get together and have them compete to see who can eat the most.  It doesn't matter what food they eat it would be a great tradition for the whole family to enjoy.  Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy we could go with a trend from earlier this year and have the quarterbacks do a beer-chugging competition.  Who wouldn't want to watch Matthew Stafford drive 16 ounces of ice-cold beer into his gullet in under 3 seconds, or better yet see Aaron Rodgers struggle to choke one down in about 3 minutes?   People would watch this and better yet people would gamble on this. 

Aaron Rodgers Beer Chug

4. Talent Show

My final idea is a talent show. Not like a stupid middle school talent show or the cringe-worthy rookie performances we've all seen on Hard Knocks.  I'm completely serious about this, don't enter the talent show if you're not talented... I'm looking at you Phil Rivers, you can keep your stupid bolo ties at home with your 73 children.  I'm talking America's Got Talent or some sort of circus freaks.  C'mon, you know you'd watch if they had Jameis Winston singing Sinatra while juggling flaming torches.

Jameis Winston eating W's

The possibilities are endless and I don't think its too late to fix the Pro Bowl and make it one of the most anticipated events every year.  

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