Thursday Night Football Recap - Week 12 Colts @ Texans

Last night the Indianapolis Colts traveled to Houston to take on the Texans in a matchup of the top AFC South teams, which resulted in another snooze-fest of a TNF game.  Despite the score being tied at halftime, it felt that the Colts were playing better for the majority of the half.  Jacoby Brissett struggled a bit with accuracy but was picked up by his running game lead by backups Jonathan Williams and Nyhiem Hines.  Deshaun Watson did not look sharp, but he did enough to keep the Texans competitive, connecting with DeAndre Hopkins for a long TD.  Brissett rushed for a short touchdown and both teams kicked field goals to send the game to halftime tied at 10-10. 

In the second half, the Colts began to struggle a bit more.  They were unable to get TY Hilton involved in the game as he dropped several key passes down the stretch.  It was not all bad for the Colts as Jonathan Williams was effective on the ground in the second half rushing for a touchdown, the Colts were showing signs of life.  Deshaun Watson hit Hopkins for another touchdown and Fairbairn nailed another field goal making the score 20-17 Texans.  

The Colts had several late opportunities to regain control of the game until Frank Reich decided to run the ball on what felt like every play, almost as though he had forgotten that they were trailing. On top of the questionable play-calling, there was another major blunder by the refs with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game that had every Colts fan (and bettor) beside themselves. 



Deshaun Watson carried the ball to left and when contacted by Darrius Leonard he fumbled the ball and it was immediately recovered by Leonard.  The refs proceeded to rule that Watson recovered the ball and was down by contact and better yet they didn't even bother to review the play! And with that, the game was over.  



The Colts may have lost but that's not important, because they covered +4.  With that result, our Thursday night football record improves to 10-2 on the season.  The boys are red hot and its never too late to hop on and cash in. If you don't at least consider our primetime NFL packages you may have a serious mental deficiency. 

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