Top 5 Patriots Scandals

With the news coming out this week of the Patriots being involved in another cheating scandal, I figured this is probably the right time to sort out my 5 favorite New England Patriots Scandals. 

Bill Belichick Piano Gif


5. Spy-Gate 2.0: 2019



Yes, there's more than one SpyGate! This has to be at the bottom of this list because we do not have all of the details yet.  We do know that someone that the Patriots sent to the Bengals-Browns game recorded the Bengals sideline (the week before the Pats and Bengals Play).  This should not come as a surprise to anyone, New England cheats, everyone knows it.  My real concern is how stupid do you have to be to get caught filming a team's sideline at an NFL game.  It's not something that people are looking for. Unless you see someone wearing patriots gear, I suppose. Who knows what sort of punishment if any the NFL will hand down for this one.


4. Deflate-Gate: 2015 

Not the last time we will talk about the Pats and deflated balls in the same breath. This is another classic cheating scandal by the New England Patriots and their golden boy - Tom Brady.  In 2015 the Pats were caught deflating footballs below the regulatory standards.  They got caught and they tried to claim something to do with noble gases? I'm not certain what that means but nice try nerds! 

Deflategate Football

It turns out that this was a systematic deflation of footballs run by Tom Brady.  He directed the ball boys to lower the PSI of the balls so that his little wimpy hands could have a better grip.  During the investigation, Brady destroyed evidence when he broke his cell phone that had text messages to Patriots employees ordering them to deflate footballs.  I can only imagine what else was on that cell phone. This controversy resulted in a 4-game suspension for Brady.  The team was also fined $1 million and forced to forfeit 2 draft picks. 


3. The Tug-Rule: 2019

Robert Kraft New England Patriots Day Spa

No, not the Tuck-Rule.  Surprisingly enough this does not have to do with the Pats cheating on the football field (Congrats, I guess).  This is another very recent Patriots scandal that came earlier this year when Patriots owner Robert Kraft was caught on police surveillance soliciting prostitution.  Bob Kraft is a rich guy, what do rich guys do? They own football teams and solicit prostitutes so this did not really surprise anyone, but that does not mean this is not a crime.  The shocking thing about this is that the Patriots were never even punished.  So the NFL is saying that human trafficking is "OKAY"?  This has to be considered at minimum conduct detrimental to the league, which should have carried a fine or loss of draft picks, but it seems that everyone just kind of forgot about this. 


2. Spy-Gate Part 1: 2007

Bill Belichick Camera Cheater

The Genesis for the Patriots cheating in the 21st century (not including the Tuck-Rule).  New England really went above and beyond with this one.  They were blatantly breaking rules by filming the Jets coaches and signals from their sideline.  This is a clear rule that they decided to ignore and it cost them a 1st-round draft pick.  Twelve years later and the Patriots are back to their old ways filming opposing team's sidelines like SpyGate never happened. 


1. Aaron Hernandez: 2015

This is a big one and most people act like the Patriots did nothing wrong in this instance.  I would argue those people are big dumb idiots. Hernandez was a known gang-member when he was drafted out of Florida. In 2015 he was charged with murder, connected to another murder, and allegedly involved in several other crimes. I find it very hard to believe the Patriots didn't know that this guy was involved in serious gang activity.  Or maybe they just didn't care because he scored touchdowns?  

Aaron Hernandez

Sure, the Patriots released him when he was officially arrested for murder, but that's too little, too late. The Cleveland Browns were doing around the clock surveillance on Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon because they liked to party and smoke weed.  Aaron Hernandez liked to kill people and the Patriots didn't know anything about this? Yeah, that checks out. Talk about a lack of institutional control.  Hernandez went to prison and committed suicide shortly after his prison sentence began.  The New England Patriots received no punishment (even though they kept and known gang-member/murderer in the NFL for 5 years).    


Wow, what a classy organization... and so concludes the Top 5 Patriots Scandals.  I'm sure we will be updating this list soon enough.   


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