We Need to Talk... About the Presidents Cup

Tiger Woods is an embarrassment and so are the organizers of the Presidents Cup …this is why it is time for this event to go the place the Skins game went... a fading memory in our minds

Why does anyone care about the Presidents Cup? A bunch of spoiled International millionaires getting together acting like they give a rat’s ass about winning this event for their country. Passively pretending somehow that this event is as important as the Ryder Cup. If it wasn’t for the millions these guys are all being paid by their sponsors to attend the event or being swept to them under the carpet, none of them would be anywhere near this joke of an event.

Presidents cup Golf

The geniuses who run this event went to great lengths to ruin it even more by moving it 3 months after any real golf competition that mattered. To a time of year that most sports fans only care about Football, Basketball, and Hockey. I am sure the TV sponsors thought all they need to do is evoke the name of Tiger Woods as Captain and they will get mass audiences to watch. The problem is now that Tiger has picked himself as a captain's selection there is a better the even-money chance that some random golfer from Tibet will beat him by 3 holes on the back nine and Tiger will claim to be injured and have to pull out of the event.  Add to this the fact the event is being played on the other side of the world… the chances for any real drama to be part of the action are next to zero as we all will get the results from every competing network long before the actual event is televised to the USA fans.

Golf was much more fun when there was only the Ryder Cup every two years and by Thanksgiving all Tiger Woods was concerned about was where to find his drugs and not being assaulted by his wife after she caught him with another hooker.

Tiger Woods Mugshot

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