Why Can't the NFL Figure Out the Coin Toss?

Yesterday the Dallas Cowboys put a hurting on the LA Rams.  They dominated the whole game.  The worst thing that happened to the Cowboys actually occurred before the game even started.  Dallas won the coin toss and Dak Prescott elected to kick to start the game.  

Now, any normal person would think "okay that makes sense, so they get the ball to start the second half".  WRONG!  The NFL wants the wording to be perfect so Dak Prescott needed to say "We will defer to the second half".  So when Prescott said he wanted to kickoff to start the game the ancient Walt Anderson took that literally and thought the Cowboys actually wanted to give the Rams an extra possession and kick to start the game and after half-time... what a buffoon! 


The funny thing is Dak Prescott said that they wanted to kick initially, then he  took the time to correct himself and say that they "defer".  In the end, the NFL surprisingly made the right decision and the Cowboys received the kickoff to start the second half.  So how do we avoid this lunacy from happening again in the future?  We can't put Jason Garrett through another situation like this, the poor little guy looked like he was going to cry.

Jason Garrett Distraught

Maybe change the criteria to be an NFL referee.  I bet if that was a 30-year-old, full-time, professional referee they would have assessed the situation differently.  When Prescott told Anderson that he wanted to kick Anderson looked confused, like he didn't know if he just heard some disturbing news or if he needed his diaper changed.  There is constant controversy surrounding NFL refs and the questionable calls they make.  Well, I'd bet that if NFL refs didn't look like a group of rowdy seniors that broke out of a nursing home there would be fewer bad calls. 

At the very least they need to make all refs take a physically and mentally strenuous test to prove they are qualified to be an NFL referee.  It is unbelievable that the NFL has senile, elderly, out of shape men running around a field in either swelting heat or freezing cold and they expect them to make rational decisions.  Not to mention their eyesight, NFL fans often exclaim "what are you looking at?!" when upset with the refs.  The facts are that they were probably looking at the play but their eyesight has deteriorated in their 77 years of life to the point they are forced to guess on most calls. It's not just the NFL, the NBA has also had their fair share of geezers through the years.

Joey Crawford Falling


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