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The Best Bet Boys have been prognosticating winners at a higher percentage than other handicapping services for over 40 years. We still use the same model used by our father, our grandfather and his father to choose not only winners, but also the games to play and more importantly the games to stay away from.

Our model does not use sophisticated software programs or high-end sabermetrics to choose the right side… obviously, none of these things existed 40 years ago. It is through our personal connections and network of sports industry insiders that we can obtain the vital (and sometimes secret) information that gives us the edge the odds-makers cannot anticipate when developing their point spreads.

Our proprietary 3B System model is formulaic… but it is also very simple!

Before we decide to make a choice on a game, we must first qualify the game to ensure it fits our 3B system. Using the same metrics available to the general public, blended with our insider information, we qualify each game to decide whether it will work in our 3B System model.

Once a game is qualified, we integrate our final calculations to determine a winner and its win percentage. We then release all picks with a 3B system score of 75% or higher to our accounting firm. Our accounting firm then catalogs these picks and ultimately submits them to all our direct and electronic stakeholders, including our online clients.


Best Bet Boys 3B Model - Sports Handicapping


Please note, although we cannot choose a winner for every game with our system, due to the high-profile nature of USA prime-time TV sporting matches, we can guarantee to provide all of our clients 3B System choices for all primetime matches in all major USA sports.

The reason we cannot pick winners for every game in every sport is simply the fact many games do not qualify to fit our model. But please note, as we have been doing this for over four decades, we can confidently tell you over 43% of all games for the major professional and college sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey) over this time period fit our 3B model.

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Also, we strongly encourage all of our clients to not attempt to place a wager on every game. The odds makers are much too experienced and highly intelligent when it comes to setting the point spreads. It only takes basic math to show you if you bet every game on the board, the odds-makers and your local bookmakers will be the only winners at the end of the day.

Best Bet Boys encourages all of our clients to always wager responsibly. All bettors should be aware gambling can become an addictive habit and if you feel you or someone you love may have a problem with gambling, please call the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700 or visit their website at ncpgambling.org.